About Our Church and Mission

Our Church

    • The Bible is the basis of our faith and the preaching and teaching of the Gospel is central to our life together.

    • Our faith and trust is in Jesus Christ who is our Saviour and Lord.

    • We remember the Lord’s death together in sharing the bread and the wine according to his instruction to do so. “Do this in remembrance of me.”

    • We give regularly to charity.

Our Mission

    • To encourage and support a loving fellowship and be a welcoming church.

    • To be active in learning and serving and encourage our congregation to use their gifts wherever and whenever they can in the community.

    • To invite others to receive the Good News and share this faith with us. "We value your prayers as we move forward in our choice of mission field."

Running our Church

    • The ESC in Mirepoix is a registered association in France (No 0112000940).

    • The Coordinating Group, approved at its AGMs, is charged with the running of the association. This Group which normally includes at minimum its officers; President, Treasurer and Secretary, carry out the administrative obligations and also the spiritual, pastoral and social activities during the year.

    • Run by volunteers, the majority of money received in donations is given to charity.