The English Speaking Church in Mirepoix, South West France, aims to meet the spiritual needs of our congregation by glorifying God in worship, prayer and His Word. We believe we are called to provide   an answer to the large number of local people of all nationalities and cultures who want to know the reason for their existence.

"We very much value your prayers as we continue to move forward in what amounts to a mission field."

Services are held in the Chapelle Ste Marie at the Centre Paroissial to the rear of Mirepoix Cathedral. We meet on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month at 11.00am and services usually follow a liturgical format.  We use the latest version of Mission Praise as our hymn book. Our numbers have grown steadily over the years as we join together to hear  God's Word and sing His praises.                                                              


Please note that the services start at 11.00 am sharp and after that time it may not be possible to access the area leading to the Chapelle Ste Marie 









Association registered number 0112003193