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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:12-13

Isn’t it wonderful now that Covid restrictions are starting to be lifted, and we can, once again, practice hospitality, as we are reminded in this verse from Paul’s letter to the Roman church? Hospitality is one of the main ways we keep our ministry going and doing it online, we found, wasn’t that good. But now we can be in-person again, even if we have to wear face-coverings and wash hands etc. It feels like we are being released from a kind of prison!

Restrictions, here in Nepal, are being relaxed. Schools, colleges and universities are all reopening. Even UMN is opening the offices for colleagues to work from there. All this means we can begin to use the prayer/community space again. Last weekend we had a group of Christian counsellors in for two days. This coming weekend we have an open house on Saturday afternoon for the UMNers that live in Kathmandu. It will be a fun afternoon for adults and children. During the week there are three counsellors, including Andrea, seeing clients. Things we want to start include a Bible study group, an early morning meditative prayer time, and an occasional quiet day. It is lovely to see the place coming alive again.

UMN gave thanks this weekend as one of its agreements with the government was signed and could officially begin. With the agreement came work visas for two UMNers who have been waiting for this to happen. Sadly, our major project agreements are taking much longer to get official recognition and signing by government departments. The knock-on effect is that a few UMNers waiting for their work visas may have to leave the country until the agreements are signed. Please pray for these friends who want to work in development projects and are put on hold by bureaucratic delays.

Work in our two hospitals goes on in a much easier way and agreements for our work in this area were signed last year. This has meant a number of new families have joined the team in Tansen, most of them from Sweden. We plan to visit them in a few weeks and make sure they have settled in well.

Andrea continues her studies at Tribhuvan University and has her third semester exams in a week or two, once they decide when they will be. The dates keep changing, which is a bit frustrating as we are planning a holiday over the Easter period. We want to be in the UK when our daughter, Anna, has her first baby. Hopefully, the timing will work out OK.

Here are a couple of links to bring you a flavour of the work UMN is currently engaged in. The first is the recent news bulletin and the second a link to a recently made video about how we are working alongside local people, helping them to bring the development they want in their village.

We are thankful for your prayers and support.

God’s peace, Andrew & Andrea

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Below is a video of the work Andrea and Andrew are doing in Nepal

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